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63 (Public) Longaberger

June 12, 2013

Long before I ever decided to start this blog, I was still playing some of the top courses. Occasionally, I would pull out my cell phone and snap a photo if anything stood out. Hence why I only have three photos in this blog. It is a poor example of what I want to write here about courses I play due to lack of much info. Hopefully I can get back to Ohio and give Longaberger GC the write up it deserves.

In June, I was in Columbus for a week long business trip. Most of my meetings were in the afternoon and evenings, thus leaving me plenty of time each morning to pick and choose a course to play. While in Ohio for that week, I was able to play not only Longaberger, but I also played rounds at Darby Creek GCGlenross GCEaglesticks GC, and Cumberland Trail GC.

I was scheduled for the first tee time of the day at Longaberger. Apparently the forecasted storms had scared everyone else away and I had the course to myself. I had read this was the top rated public course in Ohio and it certainly lived up to those expectations. The tee boxes, fairways, and greens on every hole but one were immaculate. Every staff member and grounds keeper I met were in good spirits. And the golf was a fantastically fun time.

The course is relatively new, opening in 1999 and they have a pretty decent clubhouse.

After a brief warm up on the range and some stretching, I made my way to #1. I knew it was going to be a tough round just by what I saw. It was a sharp downhill into a canyon you have to drive over, and half way back up, the fairway doglegs right 90 degrees.

Number 2 or 3 was  long down hill fairway with an amazing view.What I was also finding is that there is hardly any flat ground anywhere on the course.  The nice thing about a hilly course is you get all kinds of unique holes and the course doesn't become boring.  That is what I found at Longaberger. A course that every hole seemed unique and challenging, and it was just downright fun to play.

A view of #8 Green from the middle of the fairway.

A view of #8 green at the bottom of the hill.

I look forward to getting back to Ohio so I can give this course a real write-up.  But, I can advise, if you find yourself near Nashport, OH, and have a few extra hours, a round here is definitely worth your time.

On the drive back to Columbus, I did spot a rather interesting building. Here you go:

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