Thursday, April 5, 2018

Medical issues are finally behind me I hope

Hi all. I know I disappeared for awhile and I apologize.  I’ve finally been able to mostly overcome the circulation issues in my lower legs after almost two full years!  I think I can start playing again.  Going to take the clubs out of the garage and head to the range next week, and then hopefully play my first round in two years at Grizzly Ranch GC at the end of April.

And a small update to my quest.  Now that I’m living in Reno, I’ve started making friends and contacts here on the west coast.  I think I may have finally found a contact to help me further my goal of playing the top 100 courses in the world/U.S. and get on to and play the big 4 courses in SF and Monterrey areas - California Golf Club of San Francisco, Monterey Peninsula, San Francisco CC, and some little course named Cypress Point 😉. (I’ve already played Olympic Club).

Fingers crossed it actually works out.

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