Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pinehurst Resort - The Cradle of American Golf

There are only two courses at Pinehurst Resort currently on Golf Magazine's top 100 lists. Pinehurst #2 is rated among the top in the world and is on all three lists I am trying to complete. Pinehurst #8 appears on the Top 100 Public Courses in the U.S. at #96. Even though it is not on one of Golf Magazine's top 100 lists, Pinehurst #4 does appear on Golf Digest's list as the #44 public course in the U.S.

However, there are nine courses at Pinehurst and they all are a fantastic experience in their own way. The hotels, restaurants, spa, and other facilities, as well as the historic town of Pinehurst, are all special as well.

The totality of all of the above is why I reserved a special section of my blog (on the left side under the top 100 lists) to highlight all nine courses individually, as well as the Pinehurst experience outside of golf. I will likely not add anything new that hasn't already been said about Pinehurst, but it is a truly special place and still my favorite golf memory and second favorite golf resort on the planet.

Occasionally, I will reserve a special section outside of my normal blog entries, to cover a full golfing experience, such as Pinehurst Resort (and quite possibly the Robert Trent Jones Trail in Alabama). Each course will receive it's own blog and link. The facilities will receive a separate blog and link.

Pinehurst is exactly what it has been dubbed - The Cradle of American Golf - and is why I write about all of my experiences there, not just the top 100 golf courses found at the resort.

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