Monday, August 11, 2014

Updated Top 100 Public List

Since I started this blog, and all three quests, more than a year after the last Top 100 public courses list was published by Golf Magazine, I always felt a slight disconnect.  When the new list was published (or soon will be in September - I get my subscription a month early generally), I felt it aligned better with my quest to play all the top 100 public courses in the U.S.  Since none of the courses I have played in the past year fell off the list, I also didn't lose any ground. I actually gained ground with Streamsong joining the list.

This will be the only time I change any of the three lists. What I will likely do when the top 100 in the world and the U.S. are released in 2015, if just add a new page that lists the courses that are new to each list. My top goal, is to play those three lists I now have up. If I can play courses added in the future, then all the better. But, I am more comfortable with pursuing the 2014 list than the 2012 list of public courses, and since this is my quest, that is what I am going to do :-)

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