Sunday, November 29, 2015

Life updates and looking ahead to 2016

Now that we've settled into our new home after the move across country, and the new job has settled into a normal rhythm, I should be able to get some more blog entries up soon. There is snow on the ground so not sure when the next time I will get to hit the links again, but the next best thing is writing about it! Sorry for the three month absence.

I've made my preliminary list of courses near my new home I want to try to get a round played in 2016. Here we go (in no specific order):

Clear Creek Tahoe
Montreux GC
Edgewood Tahoe
Incline Village
Dayton Valley GC
Red Hawk GC
Coyote Moon GC
Schaffer's Mill
Old Greenwood
GC at Gray's Crossing
Dragon at Nakoma Resort
GC at Whitehawk Ranch
Genoa Lakes
Grizzly a Ranch
Links at Squaw Creek
Plumas Pines
Tahoe Donner

In addition, I'm going to be researching trips to the following for 2016 provided I can work out vacation with my new job. I most likely won't be able to do all of them as this job travels far less than my previous, but I want to check at least three of them off my list.

Whistling Straits
Erin Hills
Pronghorn Golf Resort
Crosswater at Sunriver Resort
Torrey Pines
Pebble Beach

Finally, I will likely add my annual trip to Bandon Dunes Golf Course and Resort to 2016 again.

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